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Training MC.

Krissana Bulan Ph.D


  • BBA, Finance and Banking, Faculty of Business Administration, Ramkamhaeng
  • MA. Master of Organizational Administration, Faculty of Art, Krirk University
  • DPA. Doctor of Public Administration from Ateneo University, the Philippines
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education from Chularongkorn University

Current Career

  • Project Manager and Consultant
    Thakek Specific Economic Zone (TSEZ) in LAO


  • Qualified Special Economic Zone Strategist with extensive experience applying a diverse combination of Policy science, Legal, Organizational Management and investment skills to accomplish client objectives.
    • Strategic Planning
    • Financial / Legal Analysis/Organizational Management
    • Special Economic Zone Management
  • Experience in researching and consulting prospects for establishment of Special
    Economic Zone, strategy plan, organization administration.
  • Strong focus on communications, collaboration, problem-solving, and providing overall
    project analysis, planning and targeted strategic initiatives to deliver returns, achieve
    objectives, and control risk.