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Technical English - Presentation for Executive (เทคนิคการนำเสนอภาษาอังกฤษสำหรับผู้บริหาร)

Presentation means presenting concept, information, news, report or performing work systematically by means of involving with skills and communications.  The objective is to provide information, problem solving, persuasion and decision making. Then it is extremely necessary to present systematically for objective accomplishment.  This course is mainly for speakers which is included, speaking, writing, using body language and meanwhile creating imagination for audiences to agree with.  Then it is needed to be practiced for optimum proficiency.

Procedure on Presentation

1) Planning
2) Collecting Information
3) Document – Visual aids
4) Rehearsal on Presentation
5) Developing Presentation
6) Actual Presentation

In this training course will emphasize on presentation technique meanwhile implementing on English utilizing skills, then for proficient English skills, it is necessary to be included:

1. Understanding and utilizing the following:

1.1 Evidence / Sources
1.2 Audience Analysis
1.3 Tips for Reducing Anxiety
1.4 What not to do?
1.5 What you project vocally and visually?
1.6 Important Sequences for Presentation

2. Reaction towards Ordeal Question and Negative Question / Technical Writing / Main Points
3. Grammar / Culture of Languages / Structure of Sentences

3.1 Inferring / Implying
3.2 Conclusion

4. Practicing on Public Speaking

4.1 Introducing oneself / Company’s profile / minutes of meeting / Consortium
4.2 Play role in different occasion

5. Practicing on Presentation

5.1 Convincing
5.2 Suggestion
5.3 Approval

Teaching Methodology

Lecturing / testing / presenting movie / games and practicing for being evaluated.

Training Duration : 2 days