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Intensive Advanced Business Conversation

Presently, English language is widely used in the International Business, yet communication, especially English Conversation through business is the first step to enter into International Business World, then this Course is designed to instruct for highly International standard, meanwhile each participant would develop his/her English skill therefore to be able to implement English Language towards his/her career effectively.  This course will encourage all participants to speak English effectively and correctly both in Business English as well as general English conversation, however, the curriculum has been adjusted according to your business career since our curriculum is individually designed for each unique company.  For an ultimate result, this course will be included:

1. Listening Comprehension

1.1 How to communicate effectively : intonation / pronunciation, understanding American style / British Style
1.2 Understanding, inferring, and implying for each conversation
1.3 Analyzing

2. Technical English Conversation

2.1 How to express/present English effectively
2.2 Implementing technical English terms through conversation

3. Testing Points

3.1 Understanding: conversations

1 Increasing vocabulary through practicing / games
2 Idiom / Phrase
3. Main verb
4 Order / Sequence
5 Comparison
6 Tone of voice
7 Similar sounds

3.2 Understanding: short conversations

1 Restatement
2 Inference
3 Main Idea
4 Preceding / Following topic

3.3 Long statements or talks / presentation / seminar
This part will be analyzed the same as clause 3.2, however the carrying on long statements or talks / presentation / seminar are required for profound knowledge of English, this advanced part, then need to be emphasized on main idea, inference as well as conclusion.

4. Public Speaking / Presentation

This is to stimulate every attendant to communicate through verbal language effectively.

4.1 Be able to communicate in the public confidently and present effectively 4.2 Be able to present oneself in the public in different occasions such as presenting his/her biography, company’s profile as well as presenting his/her work in minutes of meeting

5. Communication through telephone

5.1 How to answer telephone properly
5.2 How to leave and take message correctly and effectivelyutes of meeting

6. Services: Information / Handling Complaints

This is the utmost services, with highly expected request from most clients, since they require more services and need more information. The undeniable issues on clients’ complaints are needed to be handled carefully and properly, these will be included in this session with various kinds of complaints.

6.1 Presenting the information and services of the Company
6.2 How to solve “Handling Complaints”

Teaching Methodology – Lecturing / practicing with a Native English Speaker who will assist for evaluation while practicing and testing / Power Point, tape recording and play roles.

Course Duration: 30 hours (At least 2 hours/day, approximately 5-6 weeks)

* If request, a certificate of attendant will be provided, a distinguish attendant will be noted in his/her Certificate.