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1. For supervisors to realize how important of planning is, by knowing the planning processes.
2. Be able to set own-planning promptly.
3. Be able to comply with company’s master plan.
4. To analyze problems and know what are the problem’s obstacles.
5. Be able to make monthly plan, yearly plan according to their responsibility and has to comply with company’s master plan for company’s succession.

Course Outline

1. What are the most important things for planning’?
2. Why we have to plan?
3. How to manage planning promptly`?
4. What are the dangerously warning signs for working’?
5. The important – planning plans.
6. Yearly plan
7. How to plan effectively?
8. Effectively Monthly plan.
9. Short plan
10. Daily plan
11. Project plan


Training Methodology

Lecturing, presentation, video

Durationy : 2 Day