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l. For making management level realizing on how valuable of time is.
2. Increasing knowledge by experiencing “Time waster’s”
3. Practicing on the strategy of solving on time wasting and planning for effectively time management.
4. Cooperating relationship among management team therefore to analyze of time management and how to make use of staff for company’s maximum profit.

Course Outline

l. Revising roles and duty of management level and team working (ones concerning to time management only)
2. Know how important of time resources and its nature.
3. How to make supervisors and concerning staff spend time effectively.
4. Video “time to think or the unorganized manager”.
5. Workshop 1 find out what causes “time wasting”
6. Workshop 2 evaluating on “Time wasting in order to work by priority according to its necessity.
7. Work presentation under instructor’s supervision.


Training Methodology

Lecturing, practice/ work shop, video, case study

Durationy : 1 Day