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A supervisor is the key person for successful production line according to
handling necessary resources for productive term of matter of time…. etc, If they have more knowledge and skills, the production will increase accordingly.



To train the supervisor for both productivity techniques and management skills as Well as preparing their career path and increasing the productivity


Course Outlin

  1. Problem solving techniques

Understand and gain more knowledge on the procedures of problem solving and decision making and be able to deal with them.

  1. Productivity Planning and controlling techniques

Understand the productivity perspectives, the procedures as well as planning methodology, be to make short term and long term plan to suit to company’s target.

  1. Work improvement for increasing productivity

To gain more knowledge and skills to improve the work system and work, conditions that will effectively, create simplified work method.

  1. Reduce cost

To know the cause of wasting and inefficient productivity and be able to solve with the problem, set the preventive system to reduce the cost and damage.

  1. Quality control in production line

To have the knowledge in quality control, understand the working’s procedure, basic tools for quality control.

  1. Safety and hygiene

To understand the law regarding safety and the improvement of working condition and environment as well as prevention in all system

Training Methodology

Lecture, presentation