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  1. Understanding form of works and consequences of negotiating process
  2. Be able to manage planning , strategy and using foreseen techniques for suitable negotiation
  3. Using variety skills for negotiation according to company’s plan
  4. Negotiating confidently and effectively in different situations according to our goal

Course Outlin

  1. General concept for negotiation

–         Different selections when face with problems

–         Why use negotiation ?

–         Place for negotiation

–         How to use power during negotiation?

  1. Planning and negotiating preparation.

–         Setting the objective

–         Information preparation

–         Exchanging-information preparation

–         Setting strategy (may have to specify role/ duty)

  1. Consulting and Discussing.

–         Exchanging information

–         Searching for interesting and limiting

–         Hypothesis / experimental – Motivation

–         Punishment consideration and what motivation that others apply to us?

–         Sign and awareness

  1. Offering

–         How to offer?

–         Accepting the offering

–         Adjusting the offering

  1. Negotiating

–         In what period that negotiation will be proceeded?

–         Using negotiation for handling unreasonable condition

–         Preparing useful sentences in negotiation

  1. Closing negotiation.

–         How to close?

–         Closing consideration

–         Negotiation process


Training Methodology

Lecturing, presentation, video, practice/ workshop

Duration : 2 Day