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Walk Rally


Each organization has its own unique human behavior, since each employee is different from one to another in terms of physical, mind and educational background including attitude, believe and ways of life etc.  Then, each organization’s duty is to utilize the utmost ability of their employees’   organization meanwhile make them realize on how important of their organization’s unity and team work.

This would increase the work quality by producing more productivity and accomplishing the Company’s target. If any organization developed team building effectively, that organization would definitely become more advanced than any other organizations comparing to the same size of organization, hence this Walk Rally activity is designed for Company ‘s staff for higher potential in order to develop their Company successfully.

1. To acquire more experiences in interpersonal skills, team working, team leader, staff member and team working’s methodology meanwhile develop their team work for highly efficient.
2. To motivate brainstorming in order to find out any obstacles and be able to solve problems together.
3. To create good atmosphere among staff and enjoy working at the same time, then better cooperation will be created afterwards.
4. To develop better attitude towards their company and enthuse for Company’s prosperity and in return, for their own future as well.

Course Outline

1. Encouraging team-builder

– Human behavior
– Interpersonal skills among staff teams
– Principal on having the same concept for achieving the team’s target
– Creating good working atmosphere and respect other’s opinion

2. Technical team working

– Principal on team working
– Initiating towards team working
– Arts of developing and team adapting

3. Team relations activity

4. Searching on team’s energy (walk rally)


Numbers of attendants

Not exceeding 80 persons

Durationy : 2 Day