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Devoting and Enjoying While Working Technique


  1. Understanding human relations at work and know how to implement it at work ?.
  2. Having skills to adjust themselves to the environmental atmosphere in any circumstances of the organization
  3. Building up positive attitude towards organization, preceding his/her lifestyles for carrying through organization’s successes

Course Outline

1. Meaning and the benefit of human relations
2. Applying human relations when contact with subordinates. supervisor and colleagues at workplaces efficiently
3. Developing themselves to be good membership for teamwork.
4. Differences between `team working and group working’
5. Building up relations system for best working result as intended
6. Essential factors for `team working’

6.1. Understanding human nature that influence teamwork
6.2. Understanding the obstacle and problem of all staff that may effect “team working”

7. Role of teamwork that may effect organization successes
8. Techniques to handle management conflict and having skills to adjust themselves to work with that person peacefully
9. Conclusion


Training Methodology

Lecture, Workshop. Group seminar. V.D.O.. Group activity. Role play