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  1. For better understanding of human behavior and team working
  2. Increasing effective teamwork skill
  3. Exchanging concepts among participants
  4. Giving the participants’ opportunity for better cooperation among themselves, therefore to unite their unity to solve company’s problems meanwhile having good attitude towards company

Course Outline

1. Understanding human nature that influence team working.

– Differences of each person
– Need of each person

2. The important things for team working

– Meaning of team working
– Differences between “team working” and “group working”
– Problems cause by lacking of team work
– Useful things for team working

3. Essential things of team working

– Working system and distribution
– Psychology
– Senses of understanding others’ mind and behavior
– Communication
– Less effective communication
– High effective communication
– Uniqueness of each person

4. Problems of team working.

– Disagreement
– Causes of disagreement
– Types of disagreement
– How to prevent and cope with disagreement

5. Working harmony among colleagues.

– Optimistic not only for his/ herself but among others
– Seek for friendship not enemy

6. Eight regulations for team working


Training Methodology

Lecturing, role play , presentation, video

Durationy : 2 Day