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  1. For supervisors and staff noticing how important of company’s communication
  2. For supervisors and staff understanding of supervisors and staff’s roles on communication
  3. Building good atmosphere and perception towards company
  4. Emphasizing on “Two Way Communication”
  5. Effectively improving method or better internal communication in the company.

Course Outline

  1. Meaning of communication
  2. The objective of communication
  3. Communication process
  4. Roles and communication’s mechanics
  5. Daily communication of management level
  6. Communication process
  7. The important thing for communication
  8. The important process for communication
  9. The obstacles for communication’s failure
  10. How to solve communication’s problem
  11. Good 10 commandment on communication
  12. The obstacles on verbal communication
  13. Good attitudes for staff by using effective internal communication’s process.


Training Methodology

Lecturing, case study, exercise, video, practice/ work shop

Durationy : 1 Day