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Intensive Executive – Writing English

The objective of this course is aimed to provide the information regarding communication through writing since business viability will depend largely on efficient communication. However, corresponding is one of the communication channels which widely used for business accomplishment. If communication fails it means hat the business is in the failure process, meanwhile this Intensive Executive – Writing English Course will become most useful which provide the maximum profit if the company has implemented this Writing Course successfully through efficient writing.

These courses will be included:

1. Understanding English terminology in your organization’s career and being able to apply these words in written language :

Implementing the Motivating Technique for using English Terminology.
Understanding the meaning of all important idioms / sentences in business as well as the structure of the sentences therefore to be able to write correctly.

2. English Grammar and Structure Analyzing structure of sentences and essays Understanding English Grammar correctly

3. Learning general Report Writing, Note Taking as well as writing reports on Minutes of Meeting :

Learning the format of all reports as well as note taking
Understanding structure of sentences and express through writing

4. Writing Letters
Understanding technical corresponding in details, from the following parts :

Salutation, the Body of the Letter and Complementary Close, meanwhile emphasizing on American and British styles and introducing the most practical English Writing that have been widely used presently.
Understanding all types of business letters :

– Inquiry
– Quotations, offer
– Sales letters, Changes in Business
– Counter-Proposals, Concession
– Orders, Order Acknowledgements
– Dispatching, Packing, Transport
– Payment and Reminding
– Complaints, and Handing Complaint

5. Practicing : How to write correctly.

Course Outline

1. What are the most important things for planning’?
2. Why we have to plan?
3. How to manage planning promptly`?
4. What are the dangerously warning signs for working’?
5. The important – planning plans.
6. Yearly plan
7. How to plan effectively?
8. Effectively Monthly plan.
9. Short plan
10. Daily plan
11. Project plan


Training Methodology

lecturing, practicing

Durationy : 2 Day